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一、Basic situation of the school

       The Guiping City Art School was established in 2002. It is a private secondary vocational and technical full-time education school approved by the Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and approved by the Guigang Municipal Education Bureau. The school level is full-time academic education and art secondary vocational and technical schools. Guiping City Art School was founded by the founder Chen Jiacheng and has independent legal personality. The two campuses of the school are located in Jinba Development Zone, Yushan Road (Yujiang Campus), Xishan Town, Guiping City, and Xizhou Town, Xiping Town, Guiping City (Xishan Campus), with Yujiang Campus as the main campus.

       In the past three years, the school has invested more than 10 million yuan to build a school space, the site is a total of 80 acres. The school has 2 teaching buildings, 4 student dormitory buildings, 2 school canteens, 8 student internship training rooms, and 250 meters round runway. At present, there are 2,200 students, more than 116 faculty members and more than 90 full-time teachers.

       Since 2019, Guiping City Art School plans to invest 120 million yuan to build a new campus. The new campus construction planning site is located in Chang'an New District, Xishan Town, Guiping City. It covers an area of about 80 acres, with a construction area of about 80,000 square meters and a school scale of more than 3,500. . Currently in the relevant departments to go through the formalities. In strict accordance with the requirements of the "Private Education Promotion Law", "Implementation Regulations" and "Secondary Vocational Schools", the school strictly enforces national laws and regulations to run schools according to law. In strict accordance with the approval procedures, the school name, school address, legal person and other procedures shall be performed in accordance with the law. It is supervised and supervised by the education administrative department, and the five certificates such as the school license, the fee permit, the private non-enterprise registration certificate (three certificates), the food business certificate and the catering permit are complete.

二、School type, professional construction positioning

       With the aim of full-time secondary vocational education, the school trains artistic talents of art painting and arts and crafts, and directly cultivates practical professionals for the economic construction of local cultural and art industries. After graduating, students can directly participate in the employment or participate in the professional counterparts in the national entrance examinations. After passing the exam, they can go to the first-class institutions for further study. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma and a professional qualification certificate. The passing rate of the national entrance examination for the professional counterparts of the school is high. For example, the 2015 students will participate in the national examination of 70% of the undergraduate courses in 2018.

       In accordance with the policy of “serving for the purpose, demand-oriented, and ability-based” and the professional construction idea of “relying on the industry to connect the industry, positioning the profession and serving the society”, the school adheres to the Lide Shuren and faces the culture and art industry. Cultivate outstanding talents who are engaged in the fields of Chinese painting, oil painting, arts and crafts, etc., and have comprehensive professional ability in painting and arts and crafts production positions. The school cultivates the high-quality laborers and high-skilled talents with strong practical ability and entrepreneurial ability, comprehensive quality and strong hands-on ability, and is suitable for the first line of industry construction, service and management. Therefore, it is suitable for the training mode of high-quality talents needed for regional economic development.