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Guiping Art School's 2019 Graduation Ceremony


    On the evening of June 8, 2019, when the bell rang for the end of the college entrance examination, our school held graduation ceremonies for the class of 2019 in two campuses respectively. President Chen jiacheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.


    First of all, the President, on behalf of all the teachers, students and staff, would like to extend warm congratulations to the graduates and their families. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the faculty and staff who have worked hard for the healthy growth of students over the years. And invited the Japanese class teacher xu jingjing as a teacher representative on the stage, to all teachers the highest respect!



    President Chen sent three hopes to the students. First, the students are going to say goodbye to their Alma mater and teachers. But no matter how far the students go, I hope they can go back to school to share their story. Second, life to love work, try to be a useful talent to society; Three is to be a good character, no matter where you go, never do illegal things.



   Subsequently, the President presented the admission notice of yokohama university of fine arts to two students, wei sen and lu hongyu. The two students were admitted to yokohama university of fine arts with excellent results. As the first students admitted by a Japanese university, the President gave high praise and recognition. Meanwhile, our school is also used as The second JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, full name: The japanese-language Proficiency Test) Test site in guangxi.


   After the college entrance examination, a number of enterprises from guangdong and guangzhou came to our school to advertise and recruit, and gave some recognition to our students' professional ability and quality.




Finally, a leader of our school made the final summary of the graduation ceremony. He hope that the students who are about to graduate will make contributions to the realization of the great Chinese dream and win honor for their Alma mater.